Name: Adam Holtby

Location: Suffolk, England

Personal Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/Delboypoker

Started Streaming: July 2020


Im a 34 year old Dad of 2 boys, 1 wife, 1 Dog & Rabbit that wants to bite me all the time!
I train in strength exercise’s & compete in Novice Strongman events around the UK. Recently Sold my Company to help spend more time to care for my wife more as she is retired due to ill health. I enjoy watching other streamers play poker & various other games Live on Twitch & like to support small & large streamers during their journey.

What started you streaming

I’ve always been fascinated with Live TV & streaming channels like YouTube & Twitch & felt streaming was a fantastic way to enjoy my hobby of playing poker & meeting new friends through a game we all enjoy playing.

What game variants do you play

I Play NL Hold’em Cash Games | Sit n Go’s up to 180 Man & Tournaments. I’m also learning all mixed games formats.

What is your favourite poker variant

I would say NL Hold’em 90 man & 180 Sit n Go’s

What poker sites do you play on

I play mainly on Pokerstars but also have a Partypoker account.