BadBeatTV Questions

So what the hell is BadBeatTV?

At the moment it’s an idea that we hope will help promote online MTT (multi Table Tournament) poker players that stream on twitch.

What’s the plan?

To have our BadBeatTV twitch channel host online poker streamers across the globe 24/7.

What type of online poker streamers are we looking for to host on BadBeatTV?

We are looking for a variety of things, but the main ones are….

  • First and foremost, you must be a streamer that offers the viewer a learning experience in your style of streaming. This usually means talking through your thought process when playing a hand so the viewer understands why you made the decision to Fold, Call, Raise etc.
  • It goes without saying, I hope, that your style of streaming should be fun and entertaining as well as educational.
  • You must be pretty new to online poker streaming and looking to increase your follower count.  Like us with our new Bad Beat Clothing brand, you will be looking for new ways to get brand recognition for your stream.

Do you have to stream through BadBeatTV?

No! You will continue to stream as you always do, we will just be giving you a host through our BadBeatTV twitch channel and then sending out tweets through our Bad Beat Clothing twitter account letting people know who we are hosting and when.

Do you need to promote BadBeatTV or Bad Beat Clothing?

This is up to you.  We don’t require you to promote us but a quick shout out thanking BadBeatTV for the host when we start hosting your stream would be appreciated.

There may be times however where we do a sponsorship deal together, where we give you some apparel giveaways for a stream, and/or pay your buy-ins for some MTT’s to help get you more followers. We would then expect you to actively promote Bad Beat Clothing during the sponsored stream.

What’s Bad Beat Clothing plans to let people know about you and when you are streaming?

At the moment you can see we don’t have a huge twitter following (no point saying otherwise).  This will change shortly as we have plans to do a monthly prize draw where the winner will win the $215 buy-in to a Sunday Millions main event.  All they will need to do to be in the prize draw will be to follow us, re-tweet the ad we put up and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.  We expect through advertising that we will get several thousand new followers and newsletter subscriptions.

Through our weekly newsletter, twitter and our own website, we will publish that weeks BadBeatTV host schedule.  This means we all get more exposure and grow together.

So how does BadBeatTV hosting my stream get you more followers?

You can be pretty sure that most viewers will not stay on BadBeatTV to watch your stream.  If they like your stream they will go to your channel and hopefully start following you directly.  We will also, when we are in the BadBeatTV channel, be telling viewers through chat, to go directly to your channel and give you a follow.  It’s up to you to turn that follow into a sub, bit coins etc.

Does BadBeatTV or Bad Beat Clothing pay you for hosting your stream?

No we do not pay you to host your stream.  What we will do on occations to help promote your stream is give you some Bad Beat Clothing giveaways (t-shirts, Mugs etc) and may also give you MTT buy-ins.  Our budget for this is small at the moment, but as things grow we will invest in more giveaways and buy-ins.

We have plans, through affiliates, to increase the investment fund pot.  Any and all monies we make through affiliates, either through BadBeatTV, Twitter, or our website, will 100% go back to the streamers we host by way of MTT buy-ins and giveaways.

How do you apply for us to host your twitch streams?

Simply send us a message through our twitter account at that you are interested and include the link to your twitch stream.

We will then watch a few of your streams and if we feel you are a good fit and we can help you grow, then we will contact you.  How long this takes depends on how often you stream, as we will want to watch at least a couple of your streams before contacting you.

Last note

We hope all this sounds interesting and fun, as we are really excited to see where this can go and looking forward to us all growing together.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to send us a message through twitter.

Good luck at the tables and let’s get your streams rocking!