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HayDawg takes down latest BadBeatTV Stream Team challenge

After 8 days of battling it out, HayDawg becomes the first of the BadBeatTV Stream Team to take down the latest challenge set by BadBeat Clothing, winning a $109 buy in for himself and a BadBeat Clothing Hoodie, T-Shirt & Mug as giveaways for his own personal stream chat community.

It was a gruelling ultra deep heads up battle against Kirill123355 in the Pokerstars $2.20 NLHE, but HawDawg didn’t tilt against his heads up opponent, even when they resorted to slow play full time banking every hand for most of the HU battle.

Going into Heads Up, Kirill123355 was on 2.1M chips while HayDawg was behind on 1.22M chips and blind levels being just 5K/10K. Kirill soon wanted to make an ICM deal, but to take down the challenge, HayDawg had to decline, with Kirill thinking he was a crazy man not to deal with them being so deep. We were in for a long battle.

Chips stacks exchanged for the next 50 minutes but the tides turned when HayDawg rivered a diamond flush and pushed allin and Kirill not believing him, made the call with just a pair of 5s, leaving him just 384K chips behind to HayDawgs 2.9M.

Clearly frustrated, Kirill’s play immediately sped up and his constant use of full time bank every hand was gone. A few hands later, Krill pushed all in to a 6BB bet by HayDawg, and HayDawg allowed him to double up with a questionable call with his A2s, with Krill having AJos, a clear message to HayDawg to pick his spots more wisely.

A few minutes later, Kirill was back up to over 1M chips when they got it in pre flop and Kirill’s AKos holding up against HayDawg’s AQos. Pressure was back on. HawDawg handled the pressure well however, and just a few hands later, holding 22, he called Kirills all in shove with AJos and it looked like Kirill would get another double up when the turn brought an Ace, but the river was a 2c, giving HayDawg trips to take down the challenge PLUS the small matter of £310 up top.

Well done HayDawg!

Watch the winning moment!