LimeRickey One Year Stream Anniversary

LimeRickey Story

One year of streaming on Twitch! Looking back on when I first fired up in October 2019, it seems like forever ago.  I consider where we all were then, in life and in the world in general – with none of us knowing how much could happen and how our lives could change in such a short time.  With all that has come to pass, I couldn’t be more grateful for Twitch and the amazing Twitch Poker community that has become such a huge part of my life.

I first discovered Twitch in the early summer of 2018.  I had really gotten into online Poker over 3 or 4 years, mainly playing on WSOP for free, and had started watching poker videos on YouTube.  I watched a PSPC video and heard Joe Stapleton talking about Twitch and Twitch chat, and I had no idea what he was talking about, having never heard of it. I checked it out and stumbled upon the first Twitch Poker stream that came up in my options. It was God’s Big Toe.  I became fascinated with being able to chat with the player during their live stream and started checking out other streams.  At this point I started playing low stakes cash games on PokerStars and still play there pretty much exclusively.

Of all the streams that I became a regular chatter in, GJReggie and Pyefacepoker were the two streams that resonated most with me.  Both their channels were so engaging, and the community was so welcoming and fun, and the streamers were entertaining and interesting. In Pye’s channel I started learning different variants of poker and that’s where I became more passionate about Mixed Games.  GJReggie in particular had a huge impact on me, as a female in the poker world, and she made me realize that a Poker stream of my own was something I wanted to try.

I attempted a stream on an old out of date laptop which didn’t work at all, so finally when I got some equipment that could manage it, I held my first official stream Oct 14 2019.  The support and encouragement of the whole Twitch community was amazing to me and I had so much fun doing it I knew I wanted to keep it up.

When the Dare to Stream contest was launched by PokerStars in November 2019 it was the push I needed to get my stream in better technical shape. By putting in a bunch of hours, and with help from so many great members of our Twitch community, like RichyRob, TheVioletMystery, JWK24, and incredibly supportive friends that offered to moderate for me (like bitSeven, Dancle16 and EyDuBrot), I was able to sharpen the look of my stream and my skills for running the channel.  The biggest highlight of the competition for me was conducting a Podcast-style interview during my stream, with Joe Stapleton as a surprise celebrity guest.  The positive reinforcement and support I received from that stream is something I’ll never forget. 

Although I didn’t win the contest, I felt it solidified my desire to remain in the Twitch stream community and deepened the connection I had with friends I had made there. I feel the contest tightened the bonds between us, and many of the streamers and viewers I know connect and support each other every day, both on and off stream. 

In April of 2020 I was invited to join the BadBeatTV stream team and I was so happy to be included. Team streaming has been particularly fun and exciting, and my love of mixed games and desire to learn new variants has grown even more.

I look forward to continued collaboration with BadBeat Clothing and the team.  Although my work and personal life has kept me from streaming as often as I wanted to, having a full year under my belt has given me a renewed commitment to streaming and growing my channel, along with focusing on studying to improve the games I enjoy and constantly strive to do better.  Streaming and Twitch has brought me so much joy and I’m so honored to be included in this incredible community of fun and creative people, that I can’t wait to meet face to face one day (while not wearing a mask).


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