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BadBeatTV Battle of the Stream Team

Battle of the StreamTeam 2020

BadBeatTV Battle of the Stream Team

There can be only one
Five streamers, Five events, One winner!

As you can imagine, organising an event where you have 4 different time zones to take into consideration, where all the competitors have irl commitments, from work, to caring for an amazing 1 year old daughter, and in some cases, both of these things, we are proud to announce that the Battle of the BadBeatTV Stream Team event kicks off on Sunday 12th July at 8pm UK, 3pm MDT, 1pm EDT. Before we continue, we would just like to thank the whole of the BadBeatTV Stream Team for the drive and enthusiasm they have shown to ensure this event is screened.

The Event

The event will take place on our BadBeatTV Twitch channel over 3 Sundays.  Each team member has chosen a mixed games variant they feel they can win. These games will take place in the BadBeatTV Home game Club, with points being awarded for finishing position in each game. 

Who’s chosen what game?

The streams

The games will be played over 3 streams on consecutive Sundays, starting on Sunday 12th July. All 5 players will be on one stream, so 5 webcams and the poker table. Having all 5 players on the stream should lead to some great fun viewing, and you can be assured there will be plenty of fun banter between the players. Full details of times/dates the games will be played are as follows…

  • 12th July – 8pm UK, 3pm MDT, 1pm EDT – HORSE and 2-7 SD
  • 19th July – 8pm UK, 3pm MDT, 1pm EDT – 5 Card Draw and PLO8
  • 26th July – 8pm UK, 3pm MDT, 1pm EDT – 6 Card PLO (subject to change)

Points System

Points are awarded according to finishing position in each game as follows…

  • 1st : 15 points
  • 2nd : 12 points
  • 3rd : 10 points
  • 4th : 8 points
  • 5th : 6 points

On top of these points, each player has a 2 point bounty on their head when playing their game of choice.  If they win their own game choice then they win the additional 2 KO points.


On top of the bragging rights, the overall winner will win 5 T-Shirts from BadBeat Clothing for their own personal stream chat community.