Welcome to TonyW4rriorz Merch store

Here your will find a selection of cool TonyW4rriorz branded merchandise where all sales go to help support Tony in his relentless quest to bring the joy of mixed games to the masses via Twitch.

Who is TonyW4rriorz?

Tony is a South London lad that now lives in Devon with his girlfriend and two children.
He is a full-time Dad, part-time poker player and Twitch streamer.  Tony also enjoys playing strategy games and there is a link on his Twitch page if you fancy challenging him to a game of chess!
Tony has been playing poker from around 2007 and has been grinding out the game ever since, winning over $8k from micro stake online poker.
Tony is well known in the Twitch community for playing mixed games and recently won fellow streamer, Pyefacepoker’s home game series.
Tony has recently won entry into the GGPoker Masters event to be played in March 2019, proving that Tony can also play 2 card games, as well as mixed games.
Tony likes to raise awareness for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) as his youngest son has a rare liver condition and will need a transplant at some point in his life.  Links to their website and to donate can be found on Tony’s Twitch channel.

What can we expect from TonyW4rriorz Twitch streams?

You will usually find Tony streaming mixed games during the week, including Badugi.  You can also join Tony in the frequent homegames, for both real money and play money so that he can include as many players as possible.  Occasionally you may find Tony streaming other games such as Power Ups, NLHE, AoM and Skyrim.
Tony’s growing Twitch channel is a great place to hang out and learn about mixed games, with friendly banter, lots of laughs and the song requests are always on!

Why did Tony team up with Bad Beat Clothing?

Tony first came across Bad Beat Clothing while playing and winning fellow mixed games streamer, Pyefacepoker’s homegame series, which was sponsored by Bad Beat Clothing.
Tony won a hoodie for taking down the series and was impressed by the level of customer service he received, the quality of the hoodie and the speed of delivery.
Tony is thrilled by the opportunity to be affiliated with Bad Beat Clothing and that they are sponsoring the upcoming Triple Threat Series.

Where you can see Tony?

On Twitch:
On Twitter:
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