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Badugi Championship August 2019

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Badugi Championship  August 2019

This August, TonyW4rriorz is excited to bring you the Badugi Championships.

Badugi Trophy

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Prizes are for the top five finishers of the leaderboard at the end of the Badugi Championship

  • 1st Place 
    • Trophy courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing
    • $22 Ticket coutesy of PokerStars
    • $15 courtesy of TonyW4rriorz
    • your choice of T-shirt from Bad Beat Clothing
  • 2nd Place
    • $10 courtesy of TonyW4rriorz
    • $11 courtesy of PokerStars
    • Badugi Baseball Cap from Bad Beat Clothing
  • 3rd Place
    • Your Choice of -Shirt from Bad Beat Clothing.
  • 4th Place
    • Your choice of Mug from Bad Beat Clothing
  • 5th Place
    • $11 Ticket courtesy of PokerStars

Open to everyone who can play for real money on Pokerstars.

Win Random Draw Tickets

Join the badbeatclothing Discord channel and read the instructions in the Badugi Championships channel to find out how.

The badugi Championship will comprise of the following:

Week one 12/08/19 - 18/08/19.

Play a Badugi 8 man Sit N Go and earn 2 points.  

Finish 2nd or 3rd in a 8 man Badugi Sit N Go and earn 5 points.

Win a Badugi 8 man Sit N Go 10 points.

Each of the above can only be done once. E.g a maximum of 17 points can be won this week.  

The results of your Badugi SNG’s for this week must be uploaded to the BadBeatTV discord channel

Week two:  Tuesday 20/08/19 

Badugi Champs Added Prizes Home Game 

10 x $1.35 Prizes added.  These will be issued on the day of the Main Event to winners and must be used for this event.

Points as following:

2 points for playing.

5 points for getting to Final Table

12 points for finishing 1st.

Points do not scale, so if you finish first you will get 12 points and not 2+5+12.

Week two:  Friday 23/08/19 

Play in the $4.40 Badugi  PKO Mtt. 

Points will be awarded for the following:

5 points for playing.

15 Points for making it into the Money. 

25 points for final Table.

35 Points for winning it.

Points do not scale E.G  you will get the points for your best finish and not a combination of points, E.G maximum points that can be had in this event is 35.  

Week three: Friday 30th/08/19

Play in the W4rriorz Clan HG club. Club Id# 2168843 Password soulsunite

Event 1 Badugi Shootout Headsup. (Home game event)

Points as following:

2 points for playing.

10 points for finishing top 2nd-4th 

20 points for finishing 1st.

Event 2 Badugi Main Event Knockout 

Points as following:

2 points for playing.

10 points for finishing 2nd-4th 

20 points for finishing 1st.

Points for the Home Games  do not scale, so if you finish first you will get 20 points and not 2+10+20.


Joining Tony's Home Game Club is a simple process as follows...

Open your PokerStars client

Click on the Home Games Icon

Click on Join a Poker Club

Enter the following details

Club Id: 2168843

Invitation Code: soulsunite

Enter your PokerStars or Twitch name

Agree to the t&c's and click on Join Club

Tony will approve your application as soon as possible but please be patient.

TOP TIP: Don't leave it until the last minute to join Tony's Home Game Club.  Apply as soon as you can to avoid missing out on any games.

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