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W4rriorz Wild West Home Game Series

Are you ready for another TonyW4rriorz Mixed Games Series proudly sponsored by Bad Beat Clothing?

Tony is passionate about making this series an all inclusive event, so there will be both a real money league and a play money league, each with it's own set of prizes up for grabs.  Start collecting your play money chips now.  Remember, PokerStars give you 15,000 play money chips every 4 hours but you need to collect them via the cashier.

As always we want Tony to be playing his A game, so he will be eligable to win any of the ticket prizes up for grabs in the real money league. Can you stop him taking down his own series?

The Schedule

Various mixed games formats taking place over 8 days with 2 events per day.  Each event for the real money league and the play money league start at the same time.  You can enter both leagues if you are eligible to play for real money, so you could be playing 4 events per day.  Schedule as follows.....


Date Time Event Bonus Points Penalties
Tues 2nd July 18:00 Horse "Riding in on your Horse" - First to fall, -1 point
Tues 2nd July 19:30 2-7SD Shootout "early Evening shootout,last man Standing" Double Points -
Weds 3rd July 18:00 2-7TD "calm before the storm" - -
Weds 3rd July 19:30 5CD NL Rebuy "all guns Blazing" 1st double points, 2nd added hald points -
Thurs 4th July 18:00 2-7SD "Knockout out at Dawn" (KO Event) - 1st to drop -1 point
Thurs 4th July 19:30 Badugi - -
Fri 5th July 18:00 5CD fixed - -
Fri 5th July 19:30 2-7SD "Friday Night Bar Fight" Double Points for winner -
Sat 6th July 18:00 Stud8 - -
Sat 6th July 19:30 Razz "on the lowdown" Top 7 +1 Point -
Tues 9th July 18:00 PLHE/PLO - -
Tues 9th July 19:30 2-7TD "Triple Trouble" Top 3 Double Points Bottom 3 minus 1 point
Weds 10th July 18:00 Badugi Deepstacks - -
Weds 10th July 19:30 NLHE KO "Penultimate Battle" +1 point per KO -
Thurs 11th July 18:00 5CD NL KO "Everyman for Themselves" +1 point per KO -
Thurs 11th July 19:30 Horse Deepstacks "its a long Journey home" +2 points per entrant (double points) -

How are points earned?

Points will be a combination of the PokerStars inbuilt Leaderboard, plus bonus points/ penalty points as indicated in the schedule above.


The Prizes!

There is a separate prize pool for both the Real Money League and the play Money League as indicated below....

Real Money League

1st Place: $109 PokerStars Ticket (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

2nd Place: $55 PokerStars Ticket (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

3rd Place: $22 PokerStars Ticket (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

4th Place: $11 PokerStars Ticket (courtesy of TonyW4rriorz)

Pokerstars have also kindly donated 3 x $11 tickets. To be in contention for one of these tickets, you have to play all 16 real money events, and they not available to the top 4 finishers.

Play Money League

1st Place: Bad Beat Clothing Hoodie of your choice (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

2nd Place: Bad Beat Clothing T-Shirt of your choise (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

3rd Place: Mug of your choice (courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing)

4th Place: Mug of your choice (courtesy of TonyW4rriorz)

All prizes are for leader board final positions and not per game.

To be able to claim any of the prizes, you must...

Be following Bad Beat Clothing on Twitter.  Follow us on Twitter here

Be following TonyW4arriorz on  Follow Tony on here

Additional Giveaway Prizes courtesy of Bad Beat Clothing

Join the Bad Beat Clothing discord channel by clicking here and look out for random draws to take place during the series.

How to join Tony's Home Game Club

If you are not already a member of PokerStars, then you can download their client software by clicking on the following banner..

Once you have the PokerStars software installed, joining Tony's Home Game Club is a simple process as follows...

Open your PokerStars client

Click on the Home Games Icon

Click on Join a Poker Club

Enter the following details

Club Id: 2168843

Invitation Code: soulsunite

Enter your PokerStars or Twitch name

Agree to the t&c's and click on Join Club

Tony will approve your application as soon as possible but please be patient.

TOP TIP: Don't leave it until the last minute to join Tony's Home Game Club.  Apply as soon as you can to avoid missing out on any games.

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3 thoughts on “W4rriorz Wild West Home Game Series

  1. Really pumped for this series, thanks once again to Badbeat for sponsoring another series, best of luck to everyone taking part. Which event are you looking forward to the most guys?

  2. What are the entry fee’s for the real money games ?

  3. Hi Kevin, real money buy in’s TBC , they will be very low to accommodate all bankrolls, $0.11’s to $0.55’s,

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