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Name: Keith

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Personal Twitch Channel:

Started Streaming: 2017


I am a full-time software dev, husband, and dad to a beautiful little girl. In addition to being part of the BadBeat Stream Team, I’ve happily joined BadBeat Clothing recently as their social media poker news correspondent. The biggest thing to know about me and my stream is I do not take myself seriously and I love to banter! My favorite streams are the ones where we are off on a tangent in no way related to the poker or video game we’re playing. My age is a secret and a channel meme, so take your best guess!

What started you streaming

I got my start on YouTube and Twitch playing a game genre known as roguelites – games with a heavy RNG element that I still play today! I’ve always loved the game of poker and have been streaming it ever since PokerStars brought regulated poker back to Pennsylvania in Nov 2019.

What game variants do you play

I play anything and everything, but aside from the classic Hold ‘Em I love PLO8 and NLO8. In the 2020 PACOOP Series I managed to snag my 2nd and 3rd 4-digit scores ever with a 4th in a $200 8-Game Event ($1866) and 5th in a $100 NLO8 ($1048).

What is your favourite poker variant


What poker sites do you play on

PokerStars PA (Pennsylvania, USA)