Meet the BadBeatTV Stream Team

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BadBeat Clothing is committed to supporting poker streamers and the Twitch Poker community in general, with a strong bias towards the mixed games, which, in general, is under repped on Twitch.

BadBeatTV showcases a collection of talented, like minded poker streamers with a passion for mixed games and poker in general.

Interested in joining the BadBeatTV Stream Team?

We are always looking to add to our team of talented streamers on BadBeatTV,  but before you continue reading, you need to be aware that streaming on BadBeatTV is done so on a voluntary basis (that is, not paid).  On saying that, we do often give you merch as giveaway prizes to help you grow your own personal stream, and occasionally buy you in to MTTs.  You will also automatically become a BadBeat Clothing affiliate with the possibility of earning commission from your affiliate link.

So why should I consider joining the BadBeatTV Stream Team?

Everyone’s reasons are different so we can’t answer that for you.  Some possible reasons…

  • You love the idea of being part of a team
  • You are fairly new to streaming and would like a little extra exposure to help promote your own personal stream
  • You love mixed games and want to help promote them any way you can
  • You want to add a bit of fun to your own personal streaming journey

What are the requirements for joining the BadBeatTV Stream Team?

We are committed to supporting the smaller poker streamer, with a strong bias towards the mixed games players, although we do dedicate Mondays to Hold’em and strangely enough call this “Hold’em Mondays”, so there are still options open to Hold’em players.

Our main requirements for someone joining the team are as follows…

  • You average viewer count is less than 50
  • You can stream a minimum of 4 hours on average during one of the available days and time slots
  • Hold’em is on Mondays only
  • Mixed games only Tuesday to Sunday (altough if you are running deep in a hold’em MTT then showing this is fine)
  • You have access to Streamlabs OBS
  • You can install the Authy two-factor authentication app on a phone
  • You play on and stream regulated poker sites (if you play on ACR then we will consider you for Hold’em Mondays only)
  • You are a team player and enjoy being part of a team

I'm interested in joining the BadBeatTV Stream Team, how do I appy?

You’ve read all of the above and would like to be concidered to be part of the BadBeatTV Stream Team, that’s great.  Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you asap.