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Name: Marlo Nielsen

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Personal Twitch Channel:

Started Streaming: October 2019


I started enjoying online poker about 5 or 6 years ago. I was playing for fun on free applications and gradually moved over to real money low stakes tournaments and cash on PokerStars, I also began playing live tournaments at my local casino, where I’ve had some cash finishes as well as some wins, including a partners tourney where I shared a $3200.00 CDN 2nd place finish with my teammate.

What started you streaming

When I got interested in Twitch, I began watching several streamers. In particular I was inspired by watching GJReggie’s stream. Her chat was so fun and friendly, and she was so engaging and entertaining to watch as a streamer. She seemed to be having so much fun that I decided to try streaming myself.

What game variants do you play

I started out playing only Hold’Em, then I learned different variants including 2-7 single and triple draw, Stud, Razz, Badugi, 5 card draw and Omaha, and lately I play a lot of NLO and PLO8.

What is your favourite poker variant

I had been playing a lot of 5 card draw, but recently have fallen in love with O8 games and it makes playing Hold’Em seem less exciting. But I love Poker of all kinds!

What poker sites do you play on

Right now I play exclusively on PokerStars! I love the interface, the games, the access, and the fact that all my Poker Pals play there too.

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