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BadBeatTV is a channel setup and run by BadBeat Clothing.  You can go give us a follow over at

Those that are familiar with BadBeat Clothing, it comes as no surprise that, while we like Texas Hold'em, our passion lays firmly with the beauty of mixed games.  On saying this, we have dedicated Monday's to be Hold'em Mondays on BadBeatTV.  Other days are focused mainly on the joy of bringing you mixed games, through our passionate and talented Stream Team.

Our aim is to eventually, over time, bring Mixed Games to Twitch 6 days a week 24 hours a day, with Mondays remaining as Hold'em Mondays.

If streaming on BadBeat TV is of interest to you, then join our Discord channel at and let us know.

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Battle of the StreamTeam 2020
BadBeatTV Battle of the Stream Team There can be only oneFive streamers, Five events, One winner! As you can imagine, organising an event where you have 4 different time zones to take into consideration, where all the competitors have irl commitments, from work, to caring for an amazing 1 year old daughter, and in some cases, both of these things, we are proud to announce that the Battle of the BadBeatTV Stream Team event kicks off on Sunday 12th July
After 8 days of battling it out, HayDawg becomes the first of the BadBeatTV Stream Team to take down the latest challenge set by BadBeat Clothing, winning a $109 buy in for himself and a BadBeat Clothing Hoodie, T-Shirt & Mug as giveaways for his own personal stream chat community. It was a gruelling ultra deep heads up battle against Kirill123355 in the Pokerstars $2.20 NLHE, but HawDawg didn't tilt against his heads up opponent, even when they resorted to