Cash4King Sattyday

Cash4King and his success with Sattydays

For those of you who have never tuned into a Cash4King Sattyday stream, we caught up with Dave to explain just what has made these Sattyday streams such a great chilled community hangout for an early Saturday afternoon and why you should be tuning in to join in on the fun.

So Dave, after tuning into several of your Sattyday streams, I’m taken aback by the level of chat engagement and fun these streams are. It seems everything you do is aimed at chat participation and your viewers clearly love the chilled fun banter in there. Obviously the success of your Sattyday streams hasn’t happened overnight, so when did you get the idea to start these streams and why?

This was one of my ideas during the #daretostream challenge last year. I’m a bit of a sucker for a punt – but also think satellites are underappreciated. Being able to get into tournaments for a fraction of the price is great value, and a bubble of a satellite when its all or nothing can be very tense!

What can people expect when they tune into a Cash4King Sattyday stream?

We have a lot of fun. Poker is all about learning and we make a lot of mistakes which can help our future game if we learn from them. But we also experience success and it’s great when members of the community also get success when they jump in the same satellite. We also run community home games which are great fun – there’s not many home games where everyone on the table is talking in chat and having a good time.

Speaking of your home games, can you explain to our readers that may not know what these are what they can expect and how they can join in?

Pokerstars allows players to set up a home game club and invite people to join in. To join the Cash4King homegame, just go to my Twitch channel and type in !homegame in chat for details how to join the club. You will see a club id and password to enter the club. Go to the home game tab in the Pokerstars client, click on join club and enter these details in the client. Once I approve your request to join then you will be able to register for my home games when run.

I usually run 2 No Limit Hold’em home games every Sattyday with a minimum buy-in and 2 rebuys and an addon. If you need both rebuys and the addon, total buy-ins is still less than $1 usually for each home game, so great value for the amount of fun we have in the home games. On top of this, I usually add some extra value to the top prize. The banter in chat during these home games is amazing and I encourage everyone to join in on the fun.

So what can we expect from future Cash4King Streams?

More of the same. I want to bring in some new challenges though and get even more involvement from the community. This will involve some competitions. I also want to get more guest appearances and hosts on.