LimeRickey Omaha Binks

LimeRickey Binks 2 Omaha MTTs in less than a week

When my friends at BadBeat Clothing asked me to contribute to the monthly newsletter about my recent wins playing Pot Limit Omaha/Hi-Lo, I was happy to do it – but not entirely sure what to write. I’ll try to put down in words some of what I’ve thought about since last week.

In recent days, I have gained more experience and interest playing both Omaha and Hi/Lo, and have also been doing some reading/light study on the basics, which I think did help contribute to my wins. But like many say about poker, you can be good, but you also have to be lucky. In both the $3.30 PLO and the $5.50 PLO8 tourneys I binked last week, I do think I played well, but I also think I got very, very lucky.

LimeRickey Black and White

“remember to slow down, be more selective with openings and cautious about what pots you choose to get involved in”

JackalPkr Advice

Last Wednesday, when I was approaching the final two tables on the PLO, I was in a Discord group call with several Twitch Poker friends that were there to offer support and encouragement while railing my table. I remember one piece of advice in particular: JackalPkr (a fellow BBTV stream team member) made mention that my normal aggressive approach to poker may not serve me as well at this stage of the tournament. He said to remember to slow down, be more selective with openings and cautious about what pots I chose to get involved in. I believe this helped me a lot. Admittedly it also helped that I was turning a boat on just about every other hand! But I did heed this advice, took my time, and managed to keep my stack consistently well above average the entire tournament. What I remember and treasure the most however, is the presence of the friends and other Streamers from the Twitch Poker community, not only in the Discord call with me – but also in CMDR_Nutter’s live stream where he was railing my table. The support and comradery from this amazing group of people I’ve connected with is so appreciated.


“I managed to keep my stack consistently well above average the entire tournament”


My win in the 5.50 PLO8 on Sunday, however, was even more unexpected and surprising. I don’t remember being as strategic or tactical with my play in this tournament. When you run deep in an MTT you are streaming, it’s a very different experience. The pressure to perform and to succeed is quite heightened, but the thrill of the win is also greatly increased when it happens live on stream. As this was a Hyper tournament it only took 1.5 hours to bink it, and while it came as a surprise, and luck definitely played a role, I think I have a better grasp on heads up play in Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo after having practiced on low/medium stakes Heads Up Sit n Go’s on PokerStars. This was helpful as the Final Table became more short-handed. Nonetheless it was a memorable win, as they all are for me (my emotions do tend to get the better of me in that situation). Happy tears flowed, and it was a very special moment. My Mom and Dad (who are both extremely supportive) watched the clip afterwards and told me how they cried and cheered along with me.

LimeRickey Binks the $5.50 PLO8 Live on Stream

More good things have resulted from this chain of events. I am beyond excited to be hosting an on-stream final table review of my PLO win on BadBeatTV with Tom Johnson (Hedonhiney on Twitch), an online Poker Pro who is well known in Twitch circles as THE resident expert in PLO. He has done coaching in PLO strategy on the PokerStars Twitch channel for several hundred viewers and more recently has been incorporating more tournaments and exploring the adjustments required with a different dynamic to the game.

I’m also going to be talking with James Wells (Be_My_Girl), Twitch Poker’s Omaha Hi-Lo expert, on Sunday December 6th to review my the Final Table of my PLO8 win. Having both Hedonhiney and Be My Girl reviewing my game is an opportunity for growth and learning (from the best in the business), a chance to get a better insight on my play, plus a stronghold on navigating these turbulent Omaha waters.

One thing for sure, this last week has served to whet my palate for more study, more challenge, and hopefully more wins, as I continue along on my Mixed Games Poker journey. I’m thrilled and excited for what lies ahead.

Sunday 23rd Nov 7PM UK (Noon MT) on BadBeatTV : Watch Hedonhiney hand review LimeRickey’s $3.30 PLO Bink

Sunday 6th Dec 7PM UK (Noon MT) on BadBeatTV : Watch Be_My_Girl hand review LimeRickey’s $5.50 PLO8 Bink

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